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Wiseman Gymnastics Academy, Inc.

Summer Policies

1. $20.00 charge for returned checks.

2. No refunds or make ups for missed classes for summer classes and camps.

3. Dress code for girls is a leotard and/or stretchy shorts and a t-shirt. Tights are not to be worn due to the fact that they are slippery on the equipment.

4. All long hair must be tied back, and no jewelry or gum is allowed in the gym.

5. Dress code for boys is gym shorts and t-shirt.

6. No zippers, snaps, or buttons on any clothing.

7. Classes may be observed from the Lobby area only.

8. Children must be supervised before and after class on the patio area and not let them play in the parking lots or  around the building. No bikes, balls, skates, or skateboards allowed on property

9. Parents/guardians are responsible for all medical expenses for their children which may occur from their  participation at our gym.

10. Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height may cause accidental injury or death. Accidents can happen in   the sport of gymnastics.

11. I understand that my child’s picture may be published on the Wiseman Gymnastics Academy web page.